Speaking at SPTechCon SF 2011 and SPSNOLA 2011


From Feb 7th-9th I’ll be presenting two sessions at SPTechCon San Francisco 2011.  My first presentation is a new session called “The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010” which covers many of the new tools and functionality available to SharePoint 2010 developers.  My second sessions is called “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions” (presented at last SPTech Con Boston) which covers tips, tricks, and advice on deploying SharePoint 2007 solutions.  If you hurry you may still be able to register for this SPTechCon.  Click here for registration information.  Hope to see you there.


In addition to SPTechCon, I’ll also be speaking at SharePoint Saturday New Orleans 2011 on Feb 26th.  My presentation is called “Managing SharePoint 2010 Farms with PowerShell”.  I’ve given this presentation at a number of recent conferences and it has been popular.  I’m excited for this weekend as well since it will be my first time visiting New Orleans.  Click here for registration information.



Where: SPTech Con San Francisco 2011

Title: The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010

Audience and Level: Developer, Beginner/Intermediate

Abstract: LINQ to SharePoint, native Visual Studio 2010 support, easier access to logging, Business Connectivity Services… The list of new features and tools available to developers rapidly grew between SharePoint 2007 and 2010.  In this session we will cover these and many of the other newest features added for SharePoint developers to utilize.  This session is targeted to SharePoint 2007 developers upgrading their skills to SharePoint 2010 or developers new to SharePoint 2010.


Where: SPTech Con San Francisco 2011

Title: Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions

Audience and Level: Admin/Developer, Intermediate

Abstract: “All I have to do is run some STSADM commands to deploy my SharePoint solutions, right?”  If you are saying that to yourself then you are missing out on some of the more advanced processes you can employ to deploy and maintain your SharePoint solutions and farm.  In this session we will cover lessons learned from 3 years of deploying and automating SharePoint solutions.  This will include using a combination of STSADM, PowerShell, SharePoint API and a number of other tools in a real world situation to deploy an entire suite of custom SharePoint solutions.  This session is targeted to farm administrators and developers.  Prior experience with SharePoint solutions, STSADM and minimal PowerShell experience is suggested.


Where: SharePoint Saturday New Orleans

Title: Managing SharePoint 2010 Farms with PowerShell

Audience and Level: Admin, Beginner

Abstract: Having you been using STSADM (or worse hand editing processes) to manage your SharePoint 2007 farms? Are you hearing about needing to learn PowerShell to manage SharePoint 2010 farms? This session will serve as part introduction to PowerShell and part overview of how you can use PowerShell to more efficiently and effectively manage your SharePoint 2010 farm. This session is targeted to farm administrators and IT pros and no previous experience with PowerShell is required.


-Frog Out

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