The One Thing: Brian Jackett and SharePoint 2010

Last weekend at SharePoint Saturday Virginia Beach (website) I was asked by Christian Buckley (twitter) from Axceler (website) to do a short video for his “The One Thing You Need To Know About SharePoint 2010” video series.  Below is the video.


When Christian asked me to do this video I was in a time crunch to make it to the airport for my flight home.  I was literally running out the door right after we finished.  As a result I was rushed in my response which led to my funny line at the end about “being a better person.”  If I had more time I would’ve talked about how PowerShell now gives SharePoint admins native support for installing, configuring, and managing a 2010 farm with commandlets.  Also mentioning the benefits of PowerShell over STSADM such as being object oriented, having a consistent syntax, including a better help system, and integrating with other systems.  Since I wasn’t able to fit those in, at least I was funny right?

The Video

The One Thing: Brian Jackett and SharePoint 2010


-Frog Out

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