Goals for 2011

    Recently I posted a recap of my goals from 2010.  Now it’s time to post my goals and focus areas for 2011.  Just as I did in 2010 I’m splitting goals between professional and personal.


  • Blog – I intended to continue blogging at least twice a month, sometimes more frequently when time and motivation allows.  I have begun looking at other platforms or distribution methods for my blogging and will continue to investigate those.  I’ll post details on here if anything changes.
  • Speaking – In 2010 I spoke at a conference, user group, or other venue about once a month.  While I gained much from those opportunities it was also very time consuming, expensive (many times paid out of my own pocket), and emotionally draining.  This year I already have 3 engagements lined up in the first 2 months.  In 2011, if given the opportunity, I will probably limit myself to speak at 6 total events outside of Columbus / Ohio and then do 1-2 locally.
  • Open Source – Last year I started an open source project on CodePlex called SavePSToSP.  You can read about the origins of that project here.  The idea has been implemented into a PowerShell module which assists with saving script files to a SharePoint document library.  I plan to support this project with monthly builds at least through June of this year.
  • Volunteering – Last year I helped out with SharePoint Saturday Columbus and Stir Trek conferences as well as serving on the steering committee for Buckeye SPUG.  I’m already helping the volunteer board for the next Stir Trek conference and the steering committee for Buckeye SPUG.  Nothing official has started with SharePoint Saturday so nothing to report on that front.
  • Windows Phone 7 Development – Sometime in Feb this year I should be getting a corporate Windows Phone 7 device.  I’m really looking forward to this so that I can develop on real hardware.  I plan to develop at least one application by year end.  Most likely it will have hooks into SharePoint or PowerShell.  I don’t know if it’s something I will submit to the marketplace yet.
  • Portal and Collaboration Lead – This year with the Sogeti Columbus office I have a more official role of Portal and Collaboration Lead within the new Application Development and Integration practice.  This new role means that I will be expanding my scope of knowledge outside just Microsoft products to include IBM and other open source solutions for portal and collaboration solutions.  This will be an interesting challenge, but I hope to learn about at least 2 other solutions aside from SharePoint.


  • Volunteering – I plan to continue volunteering at my parish’s high school youth group with weekly meetings and side events.  I also plan to continue doing an event once every other month with the Columbus Gives Back organization (website).
  • House/Condo – I plan to buy a house or condo this summer when my apartment lease runs out.  I’ve already begun the search and talked to a realtor and lender so it is quickly becoming a reality.


    Once again I’ve outlined some goals for myself this year.  Many are similar to ones from last year but I have a few new ones.  All of these along with work, social, and other commitments will keep me busy as always.  If you have any goals for 2011 that you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment.  Thanks and good luck fulfilling your goals as well.


      -Frog Out

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