Slides, Code, and Photos from SPTechCon San Francisco 2011

    Note: Updated 2/12/11 with links to both presentation materials.

    This past week I presented two sessions at SPTechCon San Francisco 2011.  The first session was “The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010” which .  Thanks to all of my attendees for this session.  They had so many great questions that we ran out of time before covering all of the planned material.  Especially for them I’ve provided the slides and code samples to walk through them on their own.

The second session was “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions”.  In talking with attendees before the session many were looking for 2007 content.  At the conference SharePoint 2010 was represented much more heavily than 2007, so I was glad to fill a need in the community.

Slides and Code

Click here for “The Expanding Developer Toolbox for SharePoint 2010” materials

Click here for “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions” materials


Pictures on FaceBook

Click here

Pictures on Windows Live (higher res)

Side Trips

Aside from the conference itself I also got to take a few side trips during the nights.  A special thanks to Dux Raymond Sy (Twitter) for organizing a Mongolian Hot Pot dinner on Monday (see pictures) and Michael Noel (Twitter) for organizing a Korean bbq dinner on Tuesday (again see pictures).  These were both new experiences for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with friends and trying something new.  Another thanks to Mark Miller (Twitter) for giving a personal tour around various sites of San Fran to myself and a few others.  It was great hearing the backstory of different neighborhoods and buildings from someone who had lived in the area for years.  Overall a great addition to the conference itself.


This is the 3rd SPTechCon I’ve attended and the conference is getting better with each iteration.  The fine folks at BZ Media should be proud of the effort they’ve put in.  The next SPTechCon will be in Boston in June.  As of right now I won’t be attending that one but I highly recommend anyone to go if you have the chance.

-Frog Out

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