Central Ohio Day of .Net 2010 Slides and Files

    This weekend I presented my “The Power of PowerShell + SharePoint 2007” session at the Central Ohio Day of .Net conference in Wilmington, OH.  This is the second year I’ve attended this conference, first time as a presenter.  For those unfamiliar Day of .Net conferences are a one-day conference on all things .NET organized by developers for developers.  These events are usually offered at no cost to anyone interested in .NET development.

    The attendees of my session had some great questions and I hope they all got something worthwhile out of it.  Below are my slides and demo scripts (some of which I didn’t have time to demo) along with my sample profiles.  If you have any questions, comments, or feedback feel free to leave comments here or send me an email at brian.jackett@gmail.com.


Slides and Files

SkyDrive link


Technology and Friends Interview Experience

    On a side note, any of you familiar with one of my Sogeti co-workers in Detroit David Giard may know that he hosts a web series called Technology and Friends.  After my session David tracked me down and asked to interview me about PowerShell.  I was happy to oblige so we sat down and taped some material.  I don’t know when that interview will be going live, but look for it on www.davidgiard.com.



    A big thanks goes out to all of the sponsors, speakers, and attendees for the Central Ohio Day of .Net conference.  Without all of them this conference couldn’t have been possible.  I had a great time at the conference and look forward to coming back next year whether that is as a speaker or attendee.

      -Frog Out

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