Slides and Demo Scripts from SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities 2016

A big thank you out to the organizers, attendees, and sponsors from SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities.  It has been a number of years since I was last at this event and great to see it alive and well.  I had a great time getting to talk with attendees and fellow speakers as well as presenting two sessions.  Slides, code, and scripts from my sessions are below.  If you have any feedback or follow up questions please leave a comment below.


On a personal note I was completely flattered when Jeff Teper (“father of SharePoint” himself) and James Phillips (CVP for Business Apps at Microsoft) tweeted back to me during my prep time this morning.  Great to see the Corporate Vice President or SharePoint and OneDrive engaged and supporting community events.  A sign of good things to come from the SharePoint and PowerApps leadership.




PowerApps and Microsoft Flow Intro for Developers

GitHub link to demo project files



Running Your Azure Dev / Test VMs for Cheap

PowerShell script for creating new Azure RM VM



-Frog Out

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