Workaround for No Locations Available with Azure DevTest Labs

   In this post I’ll walk through a workaround to the “There are no locations available. You may not…” error when trying to provision a new instance of Azure DevTest Labs in the current preview (as of 2015/10/12).



   A few weeks ago during AzureCon 2015 there was an announcement that the new DevTest Labs offering was available in preview.  For those of you unfamiliar Dev Test Labs allows an administrator to set quotas for money used per month, size of VMs available, automatic shut down times for VMs, and more.  I immediately tried to register and followed the instructions to wait 30-60 minutes.  Later on I saw the DevTest Labs section available in the Create blade (note this requires using this link from the above page which as far as I can tell includes the “Microsoft_Azure_DevTestLab=true” querystring parameter to “enable” the DevTest Labs pieces in the UI).  When I attempted to create a new instance of a DevTest Labs I ran into an error stating that “there are no locations available”.

   I waited a little while longer and refreshed the browser but still had the same issue.  Today even days / weeks later no change and still the same error.  Thankfully I ran across a support forum post that led me in the right direction to resolve the issue.

Can’t create new lab in Azure DevTest Labs preview



   As a fellow forum poster “runninggeek” mentioned there was an issue with the Microsoft.DevTestLab provider in my subscription.  Others who registered after me did not have this problem as a problem with the registration backend was fixed shortly after this announcement went out.  Here is the PowerShell script I ran to workaround my issue.  You can also download from my OneDrive.



Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager 

# if you have multiple subscriptions tied to account may need to select specific one for below command 
Get-AzureSubscription | Select-AzureSubscription 
Unregister-AzureProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.DevTestLab 
# confirm that provider is unregistered 
Get-AzureProvider -ProviderNamespace microsoft.devtestlab 
Register-AzureProvider -ProviderNamespace Microsoft.DevTestLab 
# confirm that provider is at least registering (mine took 1 minute to fully register) 
Get-AzureProvider -ProviderNamespace microsoft.devtestlab 

   Essentially you need to connect in Azure Resource Manager mode and unregister the Microsoft.DevTestLab provider.  Wait until the provider is unregistered and then re-register the provider.  Close all browser sessions logged in to the Azure Portal and re-launch it from the appropriate link.



   Hopefully very few people ran into this issue as it appears to be caused by the timing of when you registered for the Azure DevTest Labs preview.  Thanks to “runninggeek” for pointing me in the right direction to resolve this.  I provisioned an instance of DevTest Labs this afternoon and starting to pour through documentation and the initial set of offerings.


      -Frog Out

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