Presenting at M365 Twin Cities 2023

After a few years off from community speaking engagements I’m excited to return to speak at M365 Twin Cities (formerly SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities, now with expanded scope and topics) on Jan 21, 2023. I’ve spoken at this conference twice before and have been very impressed with the level of organization, attendee engagement, and content all-up. I’ll be presenting the following 2 sessions. Registration is still open. If you are in the area, please sign up and look forward to seeing you there.

M365 Twin Cities


Title: Getting Up to Speed with Microsoft Graph Development

Description: “I hear that I need to use Microsoft Graph for developing against Microsoft 365 but I have no clue where to start.” “I want to grant access to company data without throwing in the entire kitchen sink.” Fear not fellow developers and admins. This session we will ramp you up to a 200 level knowledge on the pertinent parts of Microsoft Graph including endpoints available, syntax, authentication flows, and more. We will also cover useful examples of what can be accomplished using these APIs. Prior experience with Microsoft Graph is not required but can be helpful.

Title: How to Use Power Automate and Microsoft Graph in Daily Work

Description: Do you need to automate parts of your daily work routine? What Microsoft Cloud data is available through Microsoft Graph for automating? In this session we’ll walk through multiple real world examples of using Power Automate for daily tasks such as assigning round robin tasks to team members, sending weekly reminders, processing survey results, and more. Prior experience with Power Automate is useful but not required. Target audience is open to all (productivity workers, developers, admins, etc.)

-Frog Out

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