Find recurring meetings that have ended with Microsoft Graph

Calendar with date circled

When I joined the Microsoft Graph team I set up recurring 1:1 meetings with each of my teammates and a number of people from other teams within our group. As luck would have it those meetings defaulted to have an end date ~1 year from when the series was created.

As you might guess, I forgot to extend some of those meetings and then after they reached their end date I had to go through my calendar to find which ones were impacted and extend them.

<Update 2023-02-02>I confirmed with the PM for this endpoint that the Recurrence property does not support filtering at this time. As such you will need to filter client-side through your own means.</Update>

The below query is intended to find all recurring meetings on your Exchange Online calendar. It is not a complete solution as I haven’t figured out the exact syntax for recurrence property with an end date in the past. Hopefully someone finds this useful and if you have enhancements to help with filtering please feel free to share in the comments.

Click here to try this out in Graph Explorer

Ex. query$filter=type eq 'seriesMaster'&$select=id,subject,recurrence

Note that type = ‘seriesMaster’ will only find the series and not individual meeting instances which may have exceptions from the original recurrence pattern.

-Frog Out

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