Make things that are “linkable”

Similar to my recent post about “share early and share often” I also encourage others that are creating things (documents, videos, blog posts, digital artwork, etc.) to make them “linkable”. Let me describe what I mean and why it is important.

If you create a document for a new project specification and then store it on the desktop of your computer, how would you go about sharing that document to a coworker?

You could email / FTP / etc. the full file, but now when you make changes how do they get those changes? Instead, if you share the document to a cloud storage location and then send them a link, now they have access to the latest version.

In a similar way, when I have an idea that I want to share with others (like this post) I’m putting it in a location (Yammer, my blog, cloud storage, etc.) that I can easily link to and share with others. Same goes for tips and tricks videos that I’ve posted to TikTok.


By making things I create “linkable”, now the next time a topic comes up in conversation, I can quickly grab the link and share with others.

How are you making things you create “linkable”?

(PS, how many links did you count in this post…?)

-Frog Out

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