Windows Equivalent of Linux or Unix “Touch” Command

In Linux and Unix there is a “touch” command which will update the timestamp of a file without modifying the contents.  You can also create an empty file without having to open an application among other actions.  In Windows there isn’t a direct equivalent, but you can get close by using the “copy” command with a “+” at the end of the filename while specifying no destination file.  The + symbol points the copy operation back to the source file.  This will update the timestamp while not modifying the contents of the file.


copy SampleFile.txt+



This process was helpful for my customer testing out automated CI/CD processes with Azure DevOps and Git.  Hopefully this will be useful to someone else.  Enjoy.


-Frog Out

5 thoughts on “Windows Equivalent of Linux or Unix “Touch” Command

  1. In Windows 10, the timestamp is NOT updated. Plus, you have to add a “/Y” to the command to keep from being asked if you want to overwrite the file.


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