Announcing PowerShell Saturday Columbus

    The first ever PowerShell Saturday will be taking place at the local Microsoft office in Columbus, OH on March 10, 2012.  This is a little bit of a delayed announcement as the event has already sold out (yes, sold out a month before the event.)  This will be a one day conference with speakers from around Ohio and a few from further away.  The schedule and speaker lineup has not been officially announced but will be soon.  If you were lucky enough to get one of the 100 registrations you’ll be able to attend sessions (pending any last minute changes) covering topics such as PowerShell for beginners, using PowerShell with various server products, and some advanced topics.  There will also be a script club room where you can collaborate on scripts and network with others.

    It’s been great working with the others on the planning committee (Wes Stahler, Ed “The Scripting Guy” Wilson, Teresa “The Scripting Wife” Wilson, Ashley McGlone, and myself) the past few months to pull this together.  The idea started when I was talking with Ed Wilson at a Microsoft internal training event called GeekReady.  I was discussing with Ed how it would be great to have a PowerShell Saturday conference along the lines of SharePoint Saturdays and SQL Saturdays that Ed and I have both planned and spoken at.  Ed jumped at the idea and now roughly 4 months later it has become a reality.

    I look forward to meeting those that will be joining.  For those that were unable to register this year, depending on how this year goes and if we decide to have another next year we may look into expanding our capacity.  For now we’re focused on making this year’s conference the best it can be.


      -Frog Out

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