Recap SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2010 with Slides and Demo Scripts

SharePointSaturdayColumbus     This past Saturday I am very pleased to say that SharePoint Saturday Columbus 2010 (SPSColumbus) was a success.  I’m happy to say that for many reasons, not least amongst 1) I had an awesome team help me plan this event, 2) the session I presented went really well, and 3) the early feedback I’ve gotten from those who attended has been very positive.  This marks the first SharePoint Saturday in Columbus and second in Ohio (SPSCleveland was last Novermber.)  It’s great to see SharePoint Saturdays expanding across the US and now even to Europe (SPSUK).

The Team

I can’t talk about SPSColumbus being a success without mentioning my team.  Jennifer Mason, Sean McDonough, Nicola Young, Michelle Caldwell, Joe Hartsel, and myself have been meeting almost weekly for the past four months to take this event from just an idea in our minds to a complete event.  I can honestly say this event wouldn’t have been a fraction of how great it was without all of their time, hard work, and commitment.  To them a great thanks goes out.

Numbers and Twitter

In terms of numbers we are still tabulating the final results but we had just under 100 attendees, 24 speakers, and about 15 people representing sponsors putting us around 140 total.  This was great to see as past SharePoint events in Columbus draw anywhere from 50-80 attendees.  The twitter traffic and general buzz was really high yesterday which was great to see (SPSColumbus Twitter results.)

Photos, Slides, and Scripts

Aside from ensuring the event ran smoothly throughout the day, I also gave my “Managing SharePoint 2010 Farms with PowerShell” presentation and also snapped a few pics.  Check out Marcy Keller’s first batch of photos here for a much more professional looking album.  Below are my albums (FB and Live), slides, and demo scripts.


Facebook album with tagging and captions (click here)

MS Live album, larger size (click below)


Slides and demo scripts (click here)



SharePoint Saturday Columbus was a big success in my mind and I’m so glad to be a part of it.  It’ll be nice to have part of my daily life back now that the SPSColumbus is completed.  I do have a few other side projects that will continue to keep me busy the next two months, but I’m hoping to keep up with some technical blog posts now that I have a few week break until the next conference I’m speaking at (SPTechCon Boston.)  If you attended SPSColumbus and had any feedback (positive, negative, or otherwise) please feel free to send it my way via email or comment here.  Thanks and happy SharePoint-ing.


-Frog Out

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