SharePoint Saturday DC 2010 Slides, Demo Scripts, and Pictures

Wow! This past weekend I attended SharePoint Saturday Washington DC (SPSDC) which was quite an event to say the least.  For those unfamiliar, SharePoint Saturday is a community driven event where various speakers gather to present at a FREE conference on all topics related to SharePoint.  This made my fifth SharePoint Saturday attended and fourth I’ve spoken at.  SPSDC was a bit different than most SharePoint Saturdays mostly due to the scale of it.  We had almost 950 attendees, over 80 speakers presenting close to 90 sessions, and dozens of sponsors.  A big thanks goes out to the organizers of this event.  They put in a lot of hard work and time to pull this event off and should be very proud of the end result.

For SPSDC I presented “The Power of PowerShell + SharePoint 2007”.  I want to thank all of the attendees of my session for coming and asking some great questions.  Below you can find the slides and demo scripts for this session.  I also took some photos throughout the day (not as many as usual since so much going on) so check them out.  If you have any follow up questions feel free to drop me a line in the comments or the contact link at the top of the site.

Slides and Scripts

Click here for the demo scripts and slides posted on my SkyDrive.


VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: One thing I forgot to mention in my presentation.  In order to run code against the SharePoint API you need to load the Microsoft.SharePoint.dll assembly first.  Run the below command on the PowerShell console line to complete that:





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My album on Windows Live site (higher res shots).

-Frog Out

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