SharePoint Saturday Michigan Is Coming Up!

     Next Saturday March 13th Ann Arbor, MI will be hosting SharePoint Saturday Michigan (SPSMI).  For those unfamiliar, SharePoint Saturday is a community driven event where various regional and national speakers gather to present at a FREE conference on all topics related to SharePoint.  This will be my third SharePoint Saturday and second one I’ve had the honor of presenting at.  My presentation is titled “Real World Deployment of SharePoint 2007 Solutions“ (click here for the SpeakerRate link.)

    After taking a look at the speaker and session list I can tell you with great excitement that this event is packed with great speakers and topics.  Register here and come on out to SharePoint Saturday Michigan on March 13th.  If you’re attending feel free to track me down and say hi.  See you there.


      -Frog Out

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