Attended CINNUG ORM FireStarter event

Been a little while since my last blog post.  For awhile I was busy preparing my presentation for the COSPUG Show-N-Tell event and then recently working extra hours for some releases to testing and UAT at my client.  That aside I’m ready to get back to some more regular posts.

Yesterday myself and a coworker Peter travelled down to Mason, OH for the CINNUG (Cincinnati .Net User Group) ORM FireStarter event.  This was a full day event talking about various ORMs (object relational mapping) frameworks including NHibernate, FLUENT NBibernate, Castle ActiveRecord, LINQ to SQL, and LINQ to Entities.  Thanks to the below speakers for presenting, especially Phil and the rest of the CINNUG members who put on the event.  All of the sessions gave me some ideas on how to improve the process for persisting data for some current applications I’m building.  I look forward to attending more events like these as they come up, hopefully you will too.  Check out my photos from the event below as well.

ORM Architectural Overview – Phil Japikse
NHibernate 101 – Scott White
Fluent NHibernate – Brian Sherwin
Castle Active Record – Michael Eaton
LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework 101 – Bill Steele
Applied Entity Framework – Jody Morgan

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