Webcast for DeVry University: Careers in Technology – Jan 2020

During the current period of uncertainty (related to COVID-19) for students of all ages I wanted to share a webcast I recently presented on “Careers in Technology”.  In January 2020 my neighbor (and fellow board game enthusiast) Prof. Gina Cooper, PhD invited me to talk with one of her online classes she teaches at DeVry University.  She has been asking me to present for a few years now so this was long overdue.  The students are in her 100-level Python programming class so I this is tailored to college (university or higher education if you are outside the US) students but the topics could apply to any level of school.

Below is the recording of this webcast.  Note that there are covered up portions of the screen recording to protect the privacy / faces of any students.  Thanks to the DeVry staff for providing this recording and the opportunity to present.  If you have any additional tips for students entering into their careers please share in the comments and I’ll incorporate if I present this session again.

Link to video: https://vimeo.com/403268529


-Frog Out

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