My Blog Has Moved

Four months ago I wrote a post about Changes Planned for My Blog.  My initial research into migrating my blog ended up needing much more manual effort migrating content and extra time fine tuning the destination platform.  Additionally the birth of our second child has changed my priorities on time and side projects recently.  Without further delay I’m happy to announce that I am migrated off of my prior GeeksWithBlogs (SubText) platform and now on to WordPress.

Some of you may be asking “but Brian you said you were looking at migrating to Orchard, what happened to that?”.  As part of my migration attempt I had to convert from SubText to WordPress and then WordPress export out to a format that Orchard could understand.  Getting all content exported (including pictures, comments, blog post metadata, etc.) was very tricky and I had to manually update some of the export / import files for it to work properly.  In the end it was taking too much time to convert everything twice.  Everything looked good enough on WordPress and the developer / plug-in support on WordPress is strong.  I do plan to blog out the tools and processes I used in the migration in case anyone else is interested in seeing how that worked.

That being said, yes I’m aware that some content is not displaying 100% the same way that it did on my prior hosting blog.  You may notice that code snippets from years ago aren’t spaced properly or embedded images aren’t showing.  The latter is actually an issue with OneDrive that I had submitted a ticket on and am getting answers on.  If you notice something is not displaying properly or other issues please leave a comment or contact me.  I’ll be fine tuning my blog over time and any and all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks and I look forward to getting back into a more regular blogging schedule the remainder of this year.

   Side note: I am doing some URL rewrite / redirection on my new blog to clean up the URLs from my old blog.  This includes striping out the “bjackett/archive” portion of the URL as it is a remnant from my old host.  If you are accessing any content on the original URL “…” you will be redirected to the intended URL of “…” instead.

-Frog Out

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