What I’m Up To: November 2012

   This is a short personal post to let any regular readers know what I’m up to (and why I’ll be in reduced blogging mode for a bit).

  • Writing 2 chapters for a SharePoint 2013 book (more to announce closer to publish date)
  • Doing research, proof of concepts, and testing for above said writing
  • Developing a SharePoint PowerShell diagnostic script to clean up issues found by the Health Analyzer
  • Prepping for teaching SharePoint 2013 content to customers

   There are some other community and personal commitments taking up my time (in addition to normal work responsibilities).  Since the number of hours in a day is limited to 24 hours I’m making a late addition to my goals for 2012 for the year of learning and adopting more personal productivity practices.  Before the end of this year I’ll be posting a couple that I’ve already adopted that are working well for me.  Scott Hanselman posted a great video recently that sparked me down this path.  I highly recommend you watch.


“It’s not what you read it’s what you ignore” video – Scott Hanselman



      -Frog Out

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