Reduced Blogging For A Few Weeks

I typically post technical content on this blog, but I have a personal note this time around.  As some of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook may know, last week I found out I fractured my right index knuckle and strained a ligament between my index and middle finger.  In order to heal this injury I’ll be wearing a cast for the next 3 1/2 weeks.  This is day 4 and I’m starting to get used to it, but my typing speed is still reduced and causes pain over long usage.  As such I am cutting back on a few side activities such as this blog, the SavePSToSP CodePlex project, and general research I do at nights.  I’ll still be responding to comments on this blog as they come up, but new content will be most likely be on hold until mid December when I get my fracture re-examined and hopefully can get rid of this cast for good.  Below is a copy of one x-ray showing the fracture and the other a shot of my cast today with some of the signatures I’ve collected.  I look forward to my hand healing and getting back to normal.  Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving holiday to all those that celebrate.

IMG_2174_adj IMG_2175


-Frog Out

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