Co-Authoring a Book and Guest Blog Post Coming Soon

    A few posts ago you may have read that I have a few side projects going on that would be taking up my time the next few months.  I can’t give you full details on many of those yet, but I did want to drop a little information as I’ve been getting questions from friends lately.

    The first thing that I’m working on is a writing two chapters for a book coming from a big (at least in the SharePoint world) publisher.  This project came about because of some great connections I’ve made in the SharePoint community through conferences, speaking engagements, user groups, etc.  I don’t have a firm publish date, but I can tell you that this book is exclusively SharePoint 2010 and I’m working with some amazing authors on it.  This is my first crack and writing for a book and it’s been quite a ride so far, especially draining much of that elusive “free time” I thought I would have after SPSColumbus finished.  More details on this later.

    The second thing I was working on (just finished a week ago) is a guest blog post for a fairly big name blog.  I was a bit surprised when the blog owner asked me to write a guest post, but I am honored to submit a post to them.  The subject matter is a really fun idea I had recently that a few people on Twitter recommended I blog about.  Looks like I will get the chance to, just on a much larger distribution than my own blog.  I do know the date that will be published, but I’ll write another post announcing when it actually happens in case dates get shifted for any reason.  You won’t have to wait long for that one though.

    Aside from those 2 big items there are a few other items a little further out that I’m working on.  I have confirmed two new SharePoint 2010 presentations that I’ll be giving for the first time at different conferences in the coming months.  One is on connecting SharePoint 2010 to Line of Business (LOB) applications and the other on the new SharePoint 2010 developer tools.  I’m excited to be creating new presentation materials in these areas.


    Hopefully I’ve answered some questions that I’ve been getting recently or at least given you some insight into what I’m working on currently.  Sorry I can’t give more details but they will come in due time.  Until then happy SharePoint-ing and keep sharing and growing the community.


      -Frog Out

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