Motorola Droid App Recommendations

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Just as a disclaimer, the views and opinions expressed in this post are solely my own and I’m not getting paid or compensated for anything.

Ok, so I’m one of the crazy few who went out and bought a Droid the week it was released a few months back.  The Motorola Droid was a MAJOR upgrade in phone capabilities for me as my previous phone had no GPS, no web access, limited apps, etc.  I now use my Droid for so much of my life from work to personal to community based events.  Since I’ve been using my Droid for awhile, a number of friends (@toddklindt, @spmcdonough, @jfroushiii, and many more) who later got a Droid asked me which apps I recommended.  While there are a few sites on the web listing out useful Android apps, here’s my quick list (with a few updates since first put together.)

Note: * denotes a highly recommended app


Android App Recommendations for Motorola Droid (Updated after 2.1 update)

RemoteDroid – install a thin client on another computer and Droid becomes mouse pad / keyboard, control computer remotely

PdaNet – free version allows tethering (only to HTTP, no HTTPS) without paying extra monthly charge.  A paid version allows HTTPS access.

SportsTap – keep track of about a dozen sports, favorite teams, etc

*Movies – setup favorite theaters, find movie times, buy tickets, etc

WeatherBug elite – paid app, but gives weather alerts, 4 day forecast, etc.  Free version also exists.  (Update: Android 2.1 offers free weather app, but I still prefer WeatherBug.)

*Advanced Task Killer – manually free up memory and kill apps not needed

Google Voice – have to have a Google Voice account to really use, but allows visual voice mail, sending calls to specific phones, and too many other things to list

AndroZip – access your phone memory like a file system

Twidroid – best Twitter client I’ve found so far, but personal preference varies.  I’m using free version and suits me just fine.

Skype (beta) – I only use this to send chat messages, not sure how/if phone calls works on this. (Update: Skype Mobile app just released, but uninstalled after few days as it kept launching in background and using up memory when not wanted.)

*NewsRob – RSS reader syncs to Google Reader.  I use this multiple times a day, excellent app. (Update: this app does ask for your Google username and password, so security minded folks be cautioned.)

ConnectBot – don’t use often myself, but allows SSH into remote computer.  Great if you have a need for remote manage server.

Speed Test – same as the online website, allows finding upload/download speeds.

WiFinder – store wifi preferences and find wifi spots in area.

TagReader – simple Microsoft Tag Reader, works great.

*Google Listen – audible podcast catcher that allows putting items into a queue, sync with Google Reader RSS, etc. I personally love this app which has now replaced the iPod I used to use in my car, but have heard mixed reviews from others.

Robo Defense – (paid app) tower defense game but with RPG elements to upgrade towers over lifetime playing. I’ve never played FieldRunners but I’m told very similar in offering. Nice distraction when in airport or have some time to burn.

Phit Droid 3rd Edition – drag and drop block shapes into a rectangle box, simple game to pass the time with literally 1000s of levels. Note this game has been updated dozens of times with numerous editions so unsure exactly which are still on the market.

Google Sky Map – impress your friends by holding Droid up to sky and viewing constellations using Droid screen.

wootCheck Lite – check up on daily offerings on and affiliated wine, sellout, shirt, and kids sites.


Side notes: I’ve seen that Glympse and TripIt have recently come out with Android apps.  I’ve installed but haven’t gotten to use either yet, but I hear good things.  Will try out on 2 upcoming trips in May and update with impressions.


-Frog Out


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