Upcoming Events For Me – 2010/02/08

    This will be a very short post (read below for explanation) with a few upcoming big events that are happening.


    This coming Wednesday through Friday I will be attending SPTechCon.  SPTechCon is a SharePoint conference put on by BZ Media being held in San Francisco.  This is the second year for the conference, my first for attending.  I was lucky enough to win a free ticket through some connections at COSPUG and able to convince my company to pick up most of the expenses for the trip.  The reason for this being a short post is that it’s currently 10pm tonight, my flight got changed from 2pm tomorrow to 6:30am (to avoid bad weather coming this way), and I still have to pack my bags among other loose ends.  I do look forward to meeting a number of people in person that I’ve gotten to hear about through Twitter or their blogs.  Pictures and updates will be in a follow up post.

    On a related note, I have signed up through EndUserSharePoint to be a live blogger and Twitterbug during SPTechCon.  I wish I had more details to share, but go to their site and I’m sure there will be some way of finding myself and the others contributing during the conference.  Although there have been many occasions I’ve unofficially blogged and twittered during conferences, this will be the first officially commissioned (or whatever you wish to call it) time I’m doing so.  Hope it goes well.

SharePoint Saturday Michigan

    SharePoint Saturday Michigan (SPSMichigan) is coming up on March 13th, in Ann Arbor Michigan.  This will be my 3rd SharePoint Saturday so far (recap SPSIndy and SPSCleveland)  and it’s in my home state so I’m even more excited for it.  One my fellow Sogeti co-workers Jesse Murray is one of the organizers and I hear things are coming together.  I will be submitting a talk or two for presenting during the conference, we’ll see if I make it in.  If you are in the area that Saturday and wish to get some free info and great networking with the SharePoint community, please register and I look forward to seeing you there.

Stir Trek

    Unfortunately I can’t talk too much about this event yet.  The reason being that I’m on the board of volunteers for this conference and we’re waiting to make the really big publicity push until a later date.  What I can say is that Stir Trek started last year here in Columbus, OH as a web development focused conference (based on the MIX conference, MIX => Stir… get it) which was then followed by a screening of the movie Star Trek.  I attended last year and enjoyed it so much I decided to help out with the planning of it for this year.  This year the event will be taking place on May 7th, 2010 (as alluded to in the teaser link above) and you’ll notice the phrase “Iron Man Edition” as well.  Not too hard to guess what we mean by that, but look for more details about this event coming soon.


    Well, this might honestly be the first blog post in awhile that I’ve pumped out in under 30 minutes.  I guess the time crunch I’m in also necessitated that as well though.  These are just a few of the bigger events I’ll be attending or helping out with in the coming months (not to mention all the user group meetings, etc.)  Take the time to check them out and hopefully I’ll see a few of you readers out at these events.  Until then.


      -Frog Out

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