Selected for COSPUG Member Spotlight of the Month

Recently I was honored to hear that I had been nominated and selected for the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group (COSPUG) Member Spotlight of the Month.  I’ve been attending COSPUG regularly for over a year and a half now and recently been getting more involved with the steering committee.  Earlier this summer I gave a presentation on “The Power of PowerShell and SharePoint” during a Show-N-Tell event.  As an aside, I’m tentatively giving an updated version of that presentation at the SharePoint Saturday Cleveland on Nov 14th, more details on that event forthcoming.  I was asked to write up a quick bio of myself which went live over this past weekend.  If you are sometimes a lazy clicker like myself I’ve included what was posted below.

In regards to this recognition I want to highlight something I picked up from a few speakers I’ve seen recently (especially Mike Eaton and Jeff Blankenburg).  What they taught me is that it’s a good thing to pass along instances of recognition to you manager/superiors/higher-ups when you receive it.  You shouldn’t feel like you are “tooting your own horn” or “gloating” if you forward them an email when a client praises you or a group of your peers honors you with an award.  Rather you should take the opportunity to let them know “yes I am a worthwhile employee and I see value in what I do” in so many words.  Hopefully in turn they also see your value and are rewarding you accordingly.  This doesn’t always mean monetarily, there are other forms of rewards and compensation to be given/received.

All in all I want to thank everyone that has gotten me involved with SharePoint, COSPUG, and Sogeti over the past 2+ years.  I hope to continue contributing to COSPUG, to my coworkers, and especially to the community at large as they’ve already given me much so far.

Member Spotlight article:

I moved to Columbus 2 years ago and now live in the north Worthington area. In my spare time I enjoy recreation league volleyball, softball, maintaining a technical blog, volunteering as a chaperone at my parish’s youth group, and keeping up with new computer technologies. I’ve been an active member of the Central Ohio SharePoint User Group since mid 2008 and regularly attend most meetings and functions.

I currently work at Sogeti as a Senior Consultant and am the Microsoft Collaboration and BI technology lead. My primary focus areas are SharePoint, database applications, and BI solutions. In 2008 I passed the MOSS 2007 Configuration and Project Server 2007 Configuration MCTS exams and am currently working towards the MOSS 2007 Development exam. Recent client projects have involved implementing Project Server 2007 at the Ohio Department of Taxation for their Project Management Office, developing a sales agent newsletter intranet using SharePoint at AmerAssist, providing administration consulting for a Project Server 2007 installation at Emerson Network Power, and currently developing custom web applications hosted in SharePoint for a store portal at Express. Additionally I support our sales team by writing proposals, estimating project timelines, and architecting SharePoint solutions.

As a consultant I have drawn on my experiences at various clients and in different workplace cultures to provide best practices when it comes to designing, implementing, and supporting solutions. One great piece of advice I received this past year relates to using the right tool for the right job. SharePoint is a very versatile and powerful tool, but certainly not the solution for all business needs. When you start to think of a certain technology (SharePoint included) as the “fix everything” hammer, then all problems begin to resemble nails when in fact they could be screws, bolts, or hinges. I’m glad to be a part of communities and groups such as COSPUG that have helped me to discover lessons like this.



-Frog Out

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