PowerShell + SharePoint Presentation Links and Files

Just got back from giving my PowerShell + SharePoint presentation at the COSPUG Show-N-Tell event.  Great turn out with just under 100 registered.  Shane Young gave a good keynote even if he let slip a few juicy tidbits about SharePoint 2010.  Steve Carvajal also gave a good talk on the upcoming Geneva framework for rights identity.  Sadly I didn’t have time to see a speaker during the other slot.

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk.  Below are links to my presentation and the demo files I used.  You’ll want to copy the text from the Limited SharePoint Profile.txt into your own profile.  Please rate my talk if you attended and/or send me feedback, I appreciate negative and positive comments so that I can improve for any future talks I may give.  Special thanks to Jennifer Mason and the rest of the COSPUG steering committee for organizing the event and letting me have a slot.  I also have my pictures from the event linked below.



Create Profile example 1

Create Profile example 2

Presentation and Demo Files

Rate my presentation



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