An Introduction

Hello blog readers.  This is my first official blog so let me introduce myself and let you know what types of things to expect from this blog.


My name is Brian Jackett and I’m a Senior IT Consultant for Sogeti USA in the Columbus, OH area.  My primary focus is on the Microsoft stack, but I started out in the Java realm when I first became a consultant.  Throughout life I’ve been called a “utility player”, “jack of all trades”, and general dabbler in many different areas.  Much of that led to why I enjoy consulting work so much as it allows me to see and work with numerous different technologies and always keeps me on my toes.  Generally I gravitate towards web development (ASP.Net, SharePoint), automation (Power Shell, shell scripting) and database development (SQL Server, Reporting Services) with my work engagements.  In my spare time I also do enjoy computer animation, attending local user groups (COSPUG), playing video games, tinkering with new technologies, karaoke, and playing sports.


So that’s me.  Onto why I’m starting this blog.  Over the years I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from various blogs, forums, and helpful hints from other people in the IT industry.  As my way of giving back I’ll be posting various solutions that I’ve designed, troubleshooting tips I’ve discovered, and passing along other information that others might find useful.  The name of my blog is meant to reflect that passing along of information.  A simple drop of knowledge into the pond of the interwebs can create a ripple in all directions that I hope helps someone somewhere to do their job better or improve a side project.  So with that I thank you for stopping by and I hope to keep this updated as frequently as I can.  Please feel free to leave feedback and I’ll respond as much as possible.


Frog out

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